cassie, 15, usa. "'cause we are broken. what must we do to restore our innocence? and oh, the promise we adored.. give us life again."

this is a sideblog.

[1/?] hair colors: orange

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100 Fav Pictures of Taylor York 67/100
it's only the real world.


so yay its summer which means ive been on the website for a year oh joys and i want to do a promo

  • mbf me, also have a look at my BOTM bc shes the best
  • only reblogs count but you can like if you want..
  • must get 25 notes or im going to cry 
  • This will end sometime before august bc im going away and wont be on here v much  


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okay so good luck, happy blogging, people! 


When I was in “The Factory” I just sit down to play bass, I didn’t like to play the bass stand up. - Jeremy Davis

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