cassie, 15, usa. "'cause we are broken. what must we do to restore our innocence? and oh, the promise we adored.. give us life again."

this is a sideblog.



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100 Fav Pictures of Taylor York 67/100
it's only the real world.


so yay its summer which means ive been on the website for a year oh joys and i want to do a promo

  • mbf me, also have a look at my BOTM bc shes the best
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  • must get 25 notes or im going to cry 
  • This will end sometime before august bc im going away and wont be on here v much  


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okay so good luck, happy blogging, people! 


When I was in “The Factory” I just sit down to play bass, I didn’t like to play the bass stand up. - Jeremy Davis

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"Sometimes the only thing that gets me through a hard time is knowing that we are all (somewhat) in the fight together. Even as we might feel like we’re fighting alone, there billions of other humans doing exactly the same thing. In whatever their respective fights may be. I don’t know how it helps but really, it does. To know that no one has it figured out. It’s a bit of a drag but it’s just good comfort."


paramore + snapchat

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